Fall Classes


Private Classes or CookWell Parties

for you and your friends! 

Each class includes a delicious meal and several pages of info & recipes!

$65 per person (3 person or $195 minimum)

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Celery Root Stir Steam PAN at Farmer's Market Table


Whole Food Cooking for THE HOLIDAYS!  

Get inspired with several, fantastically delicious, whole food recipes for the holiday season and beyond…We’ll prepare and eat: yam & portabella mushroom bake (better than candied yams!), low sugar ginger-orange-cranberry relish, heritage chicken if you’d like, and delicious dark leafy greens to alkalize and balance heavy holiday meals. We’ll discuss whole food diet & lifestyle to help you maintain good digestion and personal balance through the holidays and well beyond!



Proficiency with HERBS & SPICES   

Come learn how to cook deliciously with ground spices and herbs of all kinds! Understand the basic flavor profiles for Indian, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, and French cooking. Together we’ll enjoy 3 different dishes made with the same veggies, but with different spices, for 3 completely different flavors! We’ll also discuss several important whole foods diet & lifestyle topics such as seasonal foods and cooking for personal balance, the CookWell list of unrefined/whole food preparation staples for your kitchen, the best cooking oils for various temperatures, and the importance of & how to start drinking enough re-mineralized water daily.

You’ll learn:

1) when to add ground spices and herbs to your cooking

2) how to use aromas to create the most flavorful blends

3) how to best store your herbs and spices

4) about the medicinal qualities of various herbs and spices

5) which herbs taste best with particular ground spices



Whole Food Cooking 101 for BUSY PEOPLE….AND BUSY MOMS!

You’ll learn how to prepare the foundation of a healing and revitalizing whole foods diet, from which you can change and add to according to your tastes. You’ll learn to streamline your routine to make your journey into preparing your own whole food snacks & meals easier and less expensive than you imagined possible.

We’ll discuss several important whole food diet & lifestyle topics such as seasonal eating and cooking to balance your unique body type according to macrobiotics (ancient Asian tradition), and the basics of the blood type diet to further individualize your diet. We’ll review the CookWell list of whole food preparation staple ingredients for your kitchen, the best cooking fats for various temperatures, the importance of re-mineralizing your drinking water, making delicious low glycemic desserts, and MUCH more!

You’ll receive several informational handouts for your reference including snack ideas for kids, as well as a list of fantastic recipes.

We’ll cook, and then of course, we’ll get to feast together!

Together we’ll prepare and eat:

  • ghee to use as a delicious, stable fat in your cooking

  • sprouted & simmered whole grain millet & amaranth

  • a dark leafy greens & seasonal veggies stir-steam

  • a beautiful pot of black beans




Whole Food Cooking for the OPTIMAL WOMAN

calcium uptake, hormone balance, & getting off sugar

We’ll discuss calcium-rich whole foods meals and how to maximize mineral uptake, hormone balance with whole foods diet & lifestyle, how to wean yourself off spiking blood sugar, the benefits of periodic colon cleansing, emotions as they relate to eating, and how to gently work toward the diet & lifestyle that’s best for you.

Together we’ll prepare and eat:

  • adzuki bean stew with seasonal veggies and wakame sea vegetable

  • tasty toasted sesame-wakame as a calcium supplement

You’ll get 4 handout pages for reference:

  • the CookWell calcium protocol

  • guidelines for hormone balance

  • fantastic recipes for the optimal woman

  • colon cleansing guidelines




Cooking & Baking, Gluten AND Sugar Free!

This class will give you everything you’ll need to know to start cooking and baking with the nutrient-dense, low-glycemic, gluten-free, whole grains such as millet, buckwheat, teff, and amaranth. You’ll learn how to sprout and simmer these kinds of grains for savory dishes, as well as how to culture these kinds of grains to make astounding breads and baked desserts which can be made totally sugar-free as well!

We’ll talk about strategies for gradually eating lower glycemic in your diet as preventative medicine for the top ten most common diseases of modern people. You’ll also learn how to make coffee way healthier!

This class includes sugar & gluten free recipes for: Positively Perfect Brown Rice, Sprouted & Simmered Millet and Amaranth, Sweet Cultured Coriander Corn Bread, Almond-Nutmeg Amaranth Cookies, Holiday Ginger-Spice Cake, Heavenly Chocolate-Coconut Cake, Lemon-Lavender Poppy Seed Cake, Buckwheat & Brown Rice Flour Cookies, Apple Pie Delight, and Carob-Coconut Cloud.

Together we’ll enjoy these sugar & gluten free desserts:

  • ginger-pecan-pumpkin bread

  • carob-coconut cloud

  • apple pie delight (tastes like apple pie with a raspberry drizzle!)



How To CULTURE Your Favorite Veggies & Water Kefir!

You’ll learn how to culture your favorite vegetables into body-beneficial, probiotic foods: sauerkraut (including flavored krauts with garlic and herbs, or carrot and fennel, etc), a spicy kimchee, or beet kvaas! These ferments are a wonderfully inexpensive way to supplement those important probiotics! You’ll also learn how to make a super-easy, quickly fermenting drink called water kefir, which has 30 different strains of beneficial yeasts AND bacteria, and is slightly sweet & wonderfully effervescent!

Cultured, probiotoic foods help us better digest & assimilate nutrients, keep bad bacteria & yeasts in check, greatly enhance our immune function, produce vitamin B12, contribute to beautiful skin, and balance brain chemistry to improve our moods. Beet Kvaas is a mineral supplement drink and amazing vitality tonic from the Russian tradition. Not only is beet kvaas probiotic, it’s a liver / gallbladder cleanser, helps with disturbed cellular function, helps thin the bile and detox the body, keeps the bowels moving regularly, and builds healthy blood. You can add fresh ginger root kvaas for flavor and for digestive, circulation, and heart-healing properties, and/or fresh turmeric root for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties! Wow! Why doesn’t everyone have this stuff in their fridge?

In this class everyone will get:

kimchee, sauerkraut & beet kvaas recipes

as well as a big bowl of delicious chipotle black bean & seasonal veggie stew to enjoy!



Candida Cleanse Support Group

Learn the why and how of going on a candida cleanse. You’ll hear stories and strategies about how to gently step away from sugar and high glycemic foods learn which foods are allowable during the cleanse and delicious recipes for these foods including sugar free desserts. You’ll learn how to gently come off the cleanse, and which foods to incorporate to keep candida overgrowth at bay forever.

Together, we’ll prepare and eat:

  •  delicious & satisfying adzuki bean & seasonal veggie stew

  •  side of tangy cultured veggies full of probiotics




AYURVEDIC Cooking   
We’ll discuss the basics of Ayurveda from ancient India, and it’s body/mind typing system to gain personal balance, Ayurvedic cooking techniques and specific whole foods/spices which best balance the body throughout various seasons. We’ll also cover gentle cleansing with kitchadi, practicing mindfulness as it relates to preparing healing food, maintaining proper body alkalinity through diet, better digestibility of beans, and the CookWell list of whole food preparation staples for your kitchen including unrefined sweeteners and the best cooking oils for various temperatures.

Together we’ll prepare and eat
~ East Indian mung bean & brown rice stew with seasonal veggies, garlic & yellow curry
~ ghee to use as a delicious, high temperature oil in your cooking
~ sweet fennel salad

You’ll get these 4 handout pages for reference
~ Ayurvedic body types and beneficial foods for each
~ general principals re: Ayurvedic diet
~ list of whole foods preparation staples
~ seasonal whole foods cooking techniques




Success in Whole Food Cooking for all kinds of CAMPING!
Learn to car & bicycle camp like a whole food cooking genius, and learn secrets of successful backpacking with whole food snacks & rustic cooking.




Whole Food Marinating and Grilling

You’ll learn how to prepare

  • healthy marinades for fish, and for both red AND white meats

  • marinated portabella mushrooms and tempe-veggie skewers

  • great salads including homemade olive oil mayo-chipotle-chive potato salad

  • homemade ketchup and BBQ sauce

  • amazing summer salsa, holy guacamole, and pico de gallo

We’ll discuss several important whole food topics such as:

  • grilling rules to minimize carcinogens

  • seasonal eating and cooking to maintain balance in mind, body, & spirit

  • the CookWell list of whole food preparation staples for your kitchen

  • the best cooking oils for various temperatures, and unrefined salts & sweeteners

Together we’ll prepare and eat:

  • marinated portabella mushrooms & tempe-veggie skewers

  • homemade olive oil mayo-chipotle-chive potato salad

  • sweet fennel salad AND tempered garlic Italian salad



Delicious Cooking w/ SEA VEGGIES for Beauty & Longevity

We’ll discuss how to cook flavorfully with various types of sea vegetables (including those which bind and expel heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body!), how to maximize vitamin/mineral assimilation with whole foods combinations, and hormone balance guidelines with whole foods diet & lifestyle.

You’ll get 5 handout pages for reference:

  • the benefits of 7 different sea vegetables with recipes for each

  • CookWell calcium protocol

  • guidelines for hormone balance

  • fantastic recipes

  • list of tasty herb/spice combinations for seasoning

Then together we’ll prepare:

  • black beans and seasonal veggies with wakame & kombu sea vegetables




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