Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Support

Arame Eggs & Avo & VeggiesIt’s a deep honor to educate, empower, and inspire you to reach toward your highest vitality.

Learning and practicing new habits is easiest with guidance and extended support. I’d love to help you identify which specific foods and lifestyle practices are best for your unique body type, your nutritional needs, and your personal goals.

YOU decide which kinds of information and help you want; I’d love to help you gently get off of refined sugars, incorporate more veggies flavorfully, and drink enough re-mineralized water daily.

I can offer you a nutritional assessment, and follow through with a series of personalized diet and lifestyle coaching sessions (possibly with hands-on cooking sessions!), follow up support and accountability, personalized recipes/meal planning/grocery lists, and of course, all around wellness empowerment!

Making new friends with this transformational work is very fulfilling and inspiring…After 12 years of teaching people here in San Luis Obispo County whole food diet, cooking and lifestyle wisdom, I’ve truly seen that anything is possible!


Nutritional Therapy Sessions Outline

Session #1: Your Body Type, Goals, and Nutritional Assessment
Your Goals Defined
Body Type Assessment & Guidelines for balance
Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment & List of Foods to remedy
Resources: food-mood journal & nutrition detectives

Session #2: Create Your Eating Plan
Create Personalized Meal Plan, Recipes, & Grocery Lists
Guidelines to Streamline Your Routine
Kitchen Staples List – cookware, re-mineralizing water, & unrefined fats/sugars/salts

Session #3: Optimize Digestion and Reduce Sugar
Guidelines for Enzymatic Digestion, Body Alkalinity, & Ancient Principles for longevity
Guidelines & Recipes for Glorious Greens
Guidelines for Better Sleep
Guidelines for Safe Sunning for Vitamin D

Session #4: Beans & Whole Grains
Soaking/Sprouting & Simmering Charts
Protein Foods Strategies
One-Pot Meals w/beans & grains

Session #5: Consciously Raised Meats & Salad Dressings
Marinating Meats
Amazing Salad Dressings
Crock Pot Recipes
One-Pot-Meals w/meats

Session #6: Proficiency With Herbs, Spices, and World Flavor Profiles
Flavor Profiles for Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, & French Cooking
Guidelines for Herb/Spice Combinations, techniques for best cooking, storage, etc.
Medicinal Properties of Culinary Herbs & Spices
How to cultivate joy, mindfulness, & gratitude in the kitchen

Session #7: Gluten & Sugar Free Desserts
Strategies for gradually getting off refined sugars and eating lower glycemic
How to traditionally fresh grind & culture whole grains to make breads and baked desserts which can be made totally sugar-free

Session #8: Optimizing Hormonal Balance and Mineral Assimilation
Calcium/Iron Protocol
Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines for hormone balance
Which types of Omega 3s are best for your body type

Session #9: Sea Vegetables for Beauty and Longevity
Benefits of 7 Different Sea Vegetables & recipes for each
How to cook flavorfully with various types of sea vegetables, including those which bind and expel heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body!

Session #10: Fermenting Vegetables and Water Kefir
How to make Cultured/Probiotic Sauerkraut, Kimchee, and Beet Kvaas
How to culture Water Kefir & make flavored “kefir sodas”

Session #11: Broths
Bone Broths w/medicinal spices
Vegetarian Potassium Broths
Congees for easy digestion

Session #12: Alcoholic Drinks and The Lesser Evils
Which types of Alcoholic Drinks are least damaging to the body

Session #13: Cleansing
Gentle, Whole Body Cleanses
Colon Cleansing
Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing
Kidney/Bladder Cleansing
Best Green Juice Combinations
The Why of Fasting


Nutritional Therapy

Together, we can see if you have any symptoms of specific nutrient deficiencies, so we’ll know which foods to incorporate into your customized meal plan and recipes

We can also determine your body type according to ancient Asian and Indian wellness systems (Macrobiotics and Ayurveda), to know which specific foods, spices, and lifestyle practices are most balancing for your unique body type.

From this information, I can create customized recipes based on your favorite flavor profiles such as Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, or Mediterranean, a weekly meal plan, and shopping lists.

All of this can be done over the phone, and/or with followup calls to keep you inspired and to support you through any challenges you may have around incorporating the steps.

CookWell Coaching

I’d love to come to your kitchen to teach you how to deliciously prepare dishes with the specific veggies, proteins, fats, herbs and spices (and possibly the types of beans & grains) which are most balancing for you.

I can either email you the list of ingredients for your session, OR I can shop for you. When I arrive, we’ll chop and cook together, store foods in containers for your fridge and freezer, and lastly, we’ll feast together!

I can instruct you OR your group, and you’re free to schedule whichever CookWell sessions you’d like, OR, you can mix & match topics and dishes (customize your sessions) according to your interests and taste preferences!


Wellness Empowerment

I’d love to help you customize a plan to attain and maintain personal balance in ALL areas of your life.

  • help you create realistic goals and steps for gentle detoxification, weight loss, natural relaxation practices & herbs, getting better quality sleep, knowing when is best for your biorhythms to eat/drink/exercise/get healthy sun exposure/meditate/focus/etc.

  • guide you with spiritual development into learning to develop a mindfulness practice with your cooking, and to baby step into a regular meditation practice for relaxation, inner guidance, freedom from fear, and feeling inspired, grateful, and joyful.

  • offer you resources for extended support


What type of teaching and support do you need most? I’d love to talk on the phone with you for up to 15 minutes to hear your story, understand your challenges, discuss how I can best support you in meeting your diet and lifestyle needs, and help you reach your goals.

Below are some packages with pricing, so I can offer you well-rounded support.

I look forward to meeting you and to sharing lots of learning, laughter, and amazing foods!

Courtney Coleman,

Nutritional Therapist

(805) 547-9073



One Hour Nutritional Consult:  $90

30 Minute Nutritional Consult: $55

Hands-On Cooking Sessions: 90 minutes for $135, or 45 minutes for $75


 CookWell Therapy: Inspire…Empower…Transform

CookWell’s services are designed to give each client information to learn from to attain better health; they are not diagnostic or prescriptive. CookWell encourages each client to listen to their body and compliment the information given with the advice of qualified health professionals.