Pizza Plate

The first time I began to connect my eating habits with how I felt is when I was eighteen. I had low energy, a face full of acne, constipation, and 30 excess pounds on my body. When I moved away from home and became really busy with school and working, I began to feel even worse. I continued to live on foods like canned chile-con-carni, white bread with margarine, instant ramen noodles, and dollar burgers from fast food restaurants. Oh! And let me not forget the frozen yogurt sugar bombs I was eating several times a week!

I had little physical motivation and no stamina. I felt as if I was weighed down from inside. I remember telling a friend how horrible I was feeling. He asked, “Are you eating anything green?” I didn’t know what to say. I had never known it was really that important! So, I immediately began buying bunches of fresh spinach and having a big, spinach salad every evening. My energy level increased so significantly, I began shopping for fresh vegetables at farmer’s markets every week. I learned to make colorful, stir-steamed vegetable ensembles, then I ventured into making big pots of beans, into soaking & simmering whole grains of all kinds, and into fresh grinding and culturing whole grains for super healthy and nutrient-dense breads and low-glycemic cookies…I was feeling much better!

Over the course of the next decade, I shopped at natural food stores and Farmer’s Markets regularly, I attended several whole food nutrition workshops, and I read books such as: Healing with Whole Foods, The Body Ecology Diet, Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners, The Detox Solution, Nourishing Traditions, The Metabolic Typing Diet and The Self-Healing Cookbook.

In 2002 I took a series of Solar Nutrition classes in which I learned tons of whole foods wisdom including how to culture vegetables, how to eat specific combinations of foods to enhance vitamin and mineral absorption, and how to cleanse and strengthen every major organ using whole foods.

I’ve worked directly with Craig Lane, master of Macrobiotic cooking, and learned to customize a Macrobiotic diet to best serve individual needs. I’ve also learned Ayurvedic cooking techniques to promote healing and balance from Bob and Melanie Sachs, authors of several books on Ayurvedic health practices.

In 2016, I took a wonderfully thorough nutrition course from The Health Sciences Academy, and I’m now a licensed Nutritional Therapist. I’ve learned how to detect nutrient deficiencies, how our DNA is directly affected by foods of all kinds, and the many ways in which antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, and specific vitamins & minerals all act separately (and together!) as preventative medicine.

Thanks to these books, courses and people, I feel healthy and balanced. Whenever I feel off-balance, I know which foods and lifestyle practices will bring me back to vitality. I’ve renewed my energy level, and I finally have a clear, glowing complexion. The best part is that over time, I’ve learned how to tune-in to my body’s changing needs.

In 22 years of whole food cooking, I’ve learned to prepare whole, organic snacks and meals with delicious flavors! When I first began cooking, I used many recipes from my Solar Nutrition classes, but now, I experiment freely with natural flavor combinations, herbs and spices. People frequently tell me that my dishes are the best they’ve ever had, and that they never knew whole foods meals could be so wonderfully flavorful and satisfying.

It’s a deeply fulfilling path for me to serve people in this way; to be teaching them how to take their wellness into their own hands, right in their own kitchens!

CookWell’s services are designed to give each client information to learn from to attain better health; they are not diagnostic or prescriptive. CookWell encourages everyone to listen to their body, and compliment the information given with the advice of qualified health professionals.