Conscious Couple with many skills looking for a new home

Need a live-in whole food chef AND a caregiving handiman?

My name is Courtney Coleman, and my partner Giridhari and I would love to meet you to learn how we can help support you, for full-trade OR part-trade, for an affordable place to call home.
I am 44 years old, and Giridhari is 50. We are both non-smokers, and non-drinkers, living a clean and sober, healthy, spiritually active lifestyle. We have no pets (except my beloved horse Jupiter, whom I board in Los Osos).
We’ve both lived with and cared for elders since 2020, and we are practicing safety precautions around coronavirus.
I’m a Nutritional Therapist, whole food chef, and CookWell coach since 2006… I’m very domestic, so I love to cook and keep things neat, clean and beautiful.
We’re both respectful and considerate. I’m a people person, whereas Giridhari is a bit more of an introvert, and we are both great with kids and animals!…I’ve had lots of fun nannying and cooking for families in the past.
We are community-oriented, and we are both great communicators. I’ve taken several courses in compassionate communication (NVC) and also The Landmark Forum.
We both have a great understanding and many years of practice with natural healing (of both humans and animals) with herbs, whole food, and body work and energy work such as Japanese acupressure.
Giridhari is a caregiver, physical therapy assistant, yoga instructor, and bodyworker. He has lots of experience with quadriplegic care, Ayurveda, and Thai massage.
He is also very handy with these handyman skills and experience: building, tile, demolition, remodeling, painting, electrical, plumbing, mason, tractor, chainsaw, beekeeping, property maintenance, and gardening/landscaping.
I’ve lived on horse ranches and cared for horses, maintained fencing, etc, trained horses and given horsemanship and riding lessons. I am also handy with tools, a problem solver, and self-sufficient around the house/farm/garden/yard/landscape/bicycles/vehicles/horses/pets.
We feel the unity of all things and the synchronicity of this experience, and we have great respect for The Divine and for Mother Earth. We walk our path to uplift humanity’s consciousness, and we feel very grateful for each moment of this life.
We’d love to talk with you to see how we might serve your needs, in full OR part-trade for a new home.
I’ve lived in SLO County since 1992, and I have a long list of local references from landlords to roommates to CookWell clients to friends to horse-care/horse-training references, in case you would like any of these references at any time.
Giridhari has lived in SLO County for five years, and he has a long list of references, both local and non-local.
Thank You SO MUCH for your time, Many Blessings to you, and Be Well,
(805) 547-9073