Inspiring Wellness Deliciously

Whole food cooking acts as the foundation of physical vitality,

and works to balance us in mind, emotions, and spirit.


Customized Support


I’m Courtney Coleman, and I’d love to support you in your unique needs, with whole food diet, cooking, and lifestyle…for health and happiness!

I’m a Nutritional Therapist,

a CookWell Coach,

and a Personal Chef and Caterer.


Heal Your Metabolism, Return to Health

As your Nutritional Therapist, I can help you discover your body type, as well as identify nutrient deficiency symptoms, toward recovering bodily balance, gaining metabolic flexibility, and increasing your health span.

Metabolic health is central to improving and preventing almost every modern chronic health issue. With ancient natural diet and lifestyle practices, we can restore our cellular energy production, and thusly we will gain more efficient energy metabolism, have good energy throughout the day, start healing our gut, maintain our brain health, reverse insulin resistance and diabetes, and we can more easily lose excess weight. We will also have much-improved sleep, mood, immunity,  skin, and many other benefits! 

I’d be honored to take you by the hand to guide, support, and inspire you in establishing a vitalizing new diet and lifestyle toward reaching your goals, and of course, celebrating your achievements with you…

I’m passionate about sharing what’s worked for me, as a biohacker of the past 29 years, who’s experienced a profound health turnaround through studying and experimenting, and growing into the healthiest version of myself yet.

Learn To CookWell For Delicious Vitality

Cooking is fun, and it’s a great creative outlet!  As your CookWell Coach, I can help you learn to use a much wider range of herbs, spices, interesting vegetables, natural flavor elements, and all of the healthiest whole food ingredients. Whole food cooking is absolutely delicious, and it can foster mindfulness and using your intuition…all while using ingredients that are best for YOUR unique needs and YOUR taste preferences!

Maybe you want to learn to culture vegetables to make your own probiotic-rich foods. Or, maybe you’d like me to help you gently work your way off refined sugars. Some people need to learn to cook the Mediterranean Diet, or to simply learn to CookWell without using recipes…! 

You choose the topics and dishes from my Classes page, and I tailor everything to your own interests and tastes.

Whole Food Cooking For Ease & Joy

Or, as your Personal Chef, maybe what you most need is for me to make your life easier by simply cooking in your kitchen to fill your fridge and freezer.  I love to make delicious dishes with fresh, quality ingredients that are best for you, which you can easily re-heat for your busy life.

Or, I’d love to joyfully Cater your next gathering, using seasonal farmer’s market produce and high quality ingredients for deep nourishment and satisfaction, and fantastic flavors enjoyed by all!  And, I happen to be a people-person, so this has always been LOTS OF FUN for everyone over the years…!


What People are Saying

The natural, wholesome foods and preparation techniques that Courtney has brought into our lives makes me feel better about myself, both physically and spiritually.  It is nice to have food that tastes good, is interesting, and is good for you.  I appreciate the joy and enthusiasm that Courtney brings to everything she does and I look forward to seeing how she continues to make this community a better place to live.

Eric Olsen, PhD

“Courtney is a WEALTH of great information and positive energy.”

–Delia Horwitz

“Courtney is extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about sharing with others how to eat & cook with whole foods. The way she shares her personal experience of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation is authentic, inspiring, and her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious!!”

–Holly Padove

“We all want to thank you for the really fun cooking classes.  We have all learned so much and you have been a very inspirational teacher.  Thanks again for sharing your cooking wisdom with us.”

–Barbara Melvin

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