from Dr. Keesha Ewers and Dr. Harry Massey

Emotions turn on our immunity, and they switch it off. Positive emotions boost immunity. Emotions of anxiety and fear are directly linked to depressed immunity…over days of negative emotions, subjects studied had 50% less antibodies and were 3 times more likely to catch viruses.

Why? Emotional oscillators in our brains continue to send out the kinds of vibrations that are aligned with the feelings we experience most often. This affects our hormone balance, blood pressure, organ function, reflexes, our ability to vocalize feelings, and of course, our immune response.

So, try to minimize news and negative social media, to 10 minutes/day or less.

Practices which cultivate gratitude and joyful feelings in our hearts on a regular basis, match these emotions and their subsequent vibrations to the neurons in our brains, which then send corrective information to our DNA. Our heart “talks” to our entire body, correcting distortions in every cell. Wow!

Stay strong and healthy in your mind…Be aware of which kinds of stories you habitually tell yourself.

6 Practices To Cultivate Emotional Immunity:

Write out your fears…you’ll feel heard & understood & releived 
Do regular breathing exercises (pranayama), which are very healing to the emotional body
Practice be-ing, instead of do-ing
Establish a meditation practice…getting your butt on the cushion for even just 5 minutes regularly helps tremendously
Be quiet & let yourself feel the reality of the world…it’s okay to feel sadness/anger/frustration/disappointment/fatigue/etc….the only way out of these emotions is THROUGH them…if we keep pushing unpleasant emotions aside, we are blocking energy that wants to move through us, and we are thusly more likely to experience illness
Do your emotional healing work to release trauma and stress (books/programs by Peter Levine, etc)

Foods/Supplements To Prevent & Help Heal Coronavirus

from Dr. Mercola, Dr. Douillard, Anthony William, and Chris Wark


VITAMIN C IS VITAL…Vitamin C has two major functions that help explain its potent health benefits. First, it acts as a powerful antioxidant. It also acts as a cofactor for enzymatic processes. Vit C Foods: citrus, tomato, pineapple, berries, kiwi, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cayenne, all peppers…low dose, food-state vitamin C every 2 hours throughout the day is ideal.

INCREASE VITAMIN D INTAKE…Research shows vitamin D3 supplementation lowers the risk of respiratory illnesses and lung infections in the elderly by 40%. Boost your immune system with regular sensibly controlled sun exposure and, when unable to do that, take 2,000-5,000 IU of oral vitamin D3

Take Pre-, Pro- and Sporebiotics (such as Primal Defense OR Jarrow OR Complete Probiotics (…freeze-dried probiotics are potent and don’t need to be refrigerated

Other supplements that boost immunity….spirulina, beta-glucan, glucosamine, minerals: zinc, magnesium, copper & selenium, lipoic acid, sulforaphane, resveratrol

Eat: Alkalize your body with tons of veggies and fruits. What makes me feel great is a whole food diet consisting of 40-50% green, non-starchy veggies…I like a low-glycemic Mediterranean Diet with sprouted & simmered whole grains instead of pasta, plenty of beans & legumes, good fats, and small amounts of good quality fish/chicken/lamb optional occasionally. Shiitake mushrooms are specifically immune-boosting…Lots of raw ginger and raw garlic boost immunity too…Winter squash/yam/carrot for food-state vitamin A. The more you can incorporate whole foods into your diet, the less room there will be for white flour products, chips, cookies, crackers, etc

RECIPE which uses many of these foods:

Shiitake-Squash Ramen!


HERBS To Boost Immunity
Lemon Balm

Simple Immuni-Tea…Simmer in 3qts of water:
2Tbsp Astragalus Root for 10 min
Next, add 1Tbsp dried Elderberries and simmer another 3 min
Lastly, add 2Tbsp dried Lemon Balm herb, turn off heat, and steep for 3 minutes
Strain, refrigerate, and enjoy a cup this tea, twice a day, over the next 5-7 days

Joseph Mercola Says: Build A Strong Immune System By…

as much as you can, avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and don’t smoke
supporting your gut microbiome with probiotics and sporebiotics
eating foods high in vitamins and minerals
staying connected to others via phone/text/online
de-stressing regularly (beginning meditation is excellent!)
getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine
get good quality sleep

Anthony William Says, For Ultimate Virus Protection…

reduce fats/oils & replace with avocado, nuts/seeds (avoid ALL fats before 12 noon)
eliminate eggs, dairy, wheat, pork, corn, refined sugar, refined oils, and refined salt
avoid all raw or undercooked food and ice
use copper cookware/cups, wear copper bracelets, hang copper decorations around your house (but ingesting more than 1 gram (1000mg) copper daily can be toxic)
stay peaceful/out of fear/present-minded and try not to worry about “what if”…You don’t have to be fearful in order to be careful


N-acetylcysteine (NAC) encourages glutathione production, thins mucus, lowers your chances of influenza infection and reduces your risk of developing severe bronchitis.

Liquid Zinc Sulfate…1 dropperfull 3x/day for 2-3 days (or every 3hrs for up to 2 days for very acute conditions)…Squirt liquid onto back of throat and let sit for 1 minute before swallowing.


B-12 w/methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin

Quercetin…It may offer benefits as a treatment for SARS coronavirus infections. Quercetin offers great promise as a potential supplement in the clinical treatment of SARS.


Minerals: magnesium, copper, selenium (“Essential Minerals” are great from

High Doses of Vit C & D ( for dosages)


HERBS To Help Heal From Coronavirus
(consult your health practitioner before choosing herbs)
Lemon Balm
Cat’s Claw
Raw Garlic
Celery Juice

Ginger-Thyme Tonic:

Grate a 2 inch piece of raw ginger into 2 cups water with 3 bruised sprigs of thyme and the juice form 1/2 a lemon, and let sit for 30 minutes.

Strain & drink…You can sweeten w/a small amount of raw honey (1tsp) if desired.

Store the rest on the fridge for up to 5 days.


Other Tips For Prevention & Healing…

Try not to drink cold drinks…instead, sip warm drinks like teas or warm lemon water throughout the day, as coronavirus is often breathed in and trapped in the throat/sinuses for days before it establishes itself. So, warm liquids help flush it into the stomach where it’s way less likely to take hold in your system.

If you DO get a sore throat, every three hours, gargle for at least 20 seconds with a cup of warm water with 1tsp salt and 10 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Hot sauna baths twice a day for 20 minutes reduce chances of viral infection by 50% because viruses can’t withstand heat (only has to be 133 degrees F ). Regular sauna baths work because coronavirus initially hangs out in the sinuses/throat and breathing in hot air can kill it. If the virus has set in and you’re having acute conditions, you can take take hot saunas for 15 minutes up to 5 times/day (remember, fever is the body’s way of handling viruses – for every 1 degree rise in body temperature, white blood cells can travel 4 times faster to attack viruses).

Another heat therapy option would be to spritz your mouth and nose with cool water while alternately breathing in the warm air from a hairdryer for 5 minutes at time (spritz every 10 seconds to keep your face cool), or up to 5x/day for acute sore throat.

Essential Supplements I take all year round
(for overall health AND to strengthen immunity)

Essential Minerals (
Jarrow brand Krill Oil…Compared to fish oil, krill oil is much more sustainably grown and harvested, will not give you the “fish burps”, has higher potency, and contains natural phospholipids which makes it more readily absorbed, contains astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant, which makes if far less prone to oxidation), is virtually contaminant (mercury) free, and has a superior metabolic influence.
Jarrow brand B-Right (B-complex)
Vit C with bioflavonoids
Vit D3
Probiotic such as Primal Defense OR Jarrow OR Complete Probiotics (
Freeze-dried probiotics are potent and don’t need to be refrigerated.

To create a probiotic-supportive environment in the intestines,

eat according to Food Combining Principles,

which are also beneficial for digestion & assimilation of nutrients:

To prime the pump for best digestion, your first bite should be the highest-in-protein, salty or sour food on your plate
Don’t drink more than 4oz of liquid w/meals, so as not to dilute stomach enzymes/acids
For those with poor digestion, eat proteins and starches in separate meals
Concentrated proteins such as nuts, seeds, meat and eggs digest much more easily if consumed in smaller ratios to starches (ideally 1:5 ratio)
Eat no more than 2 different starches per meal. (i.e. yams and rice)
Green, non-starchy veggies help in the digestion of both proteins and starches…kale, broccoli, asparagus, sea vegetables, celery, onion, sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, and cabbage
Eat sweet foods alone or in small amounts at the end of the meal
Eat until you feel 80% full, then stop
Eat melons and citrus alone…wait 2hrs before and after meals


Anti-Viral Practices…


Along with the right antiviral foods and supplements, the best way to protect yourself from viruses is to take some steps to minimize exposure or kill off anything you are exposed to immediately. This knowledge is meant to empower you so you can take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. It’s critical to have the knowledge that pathogens are easy to contract if we are not careful, especially during these times. Below you will find some of the top tips to protect yourself.

1. Wash your hands regularly, especially right when you come home after going out. Use warm water, be generous on soap, and lather your hands thoroughly. Thorough hand-washing is more effective than hand-sanitizer, and anti-bacterial soap is NOT needed.

2. If your hands haven’t just been washed, don’t touch your face (especially your mouth, ears, eyes, and nose) or eat with your hands. It’s extremely helpful to get into a practice of just not touching your face regularly. This includes rubbing your eyes, touching your mouth, scratching your ears, picking your nose, and biting your nails. Keep your fingers away from your face as much as possible. This alone can help you avoid contracting any virus or bug around you.

3. If you can, try to avoid shaking hands or use hand sanitizer or wash your hands well afterward.

4. Use disinfectant-wipes, hand sanitizers, and gloves to keep your hands clean and kill off anything you do come into contact with.

5. Wear gloves when pumping gas.

6. Wash your hands well after handling cash or credit cards.

7. Wipe down your grocery cart or grocery basket handles with hand sanitizer or disinfectant-wipes. WITH DISINFECTANT WIPES, WIPE DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE/CREDIT CARDS/EVERYTHING NON-POROUS that you touched while you were out in the world (porous surfaces, like cardboard/cloth grocery bags, need to sit untouched for 1 full day).

8. Don’t touch public door handles, sink taps, toilet handles, and toilet flush buttons/levers with hand sanitizer or disinfectant-wipes, use a paper towel or your shirt to grab them, or avoid touching them altogether when possible.

9. Avoid raw (salads, etc.) or under-cooked food from restaurants. Food needs to be heated to at least 150 degrees F for any viruses to be killed off.

Ask for no ice in drinks at restaurants or coffee shops. Ice is often kept in a place that is open to air, sweat, or other exposures, or people working there may pick up the ice with their hands.

10. Foods from the grocery store with a skin such as bananas and oranges, need to be washed, scrubbed with soapy water, and rinsed well. For now, avoid raw fruits and veggies without a peel that are eaten raw like: cilantro, lettuces, arugula, baby carrots, etc. This virus lives on non-porous surfaces like fruit skins (scrub w/soapy water & rinse), plastic, and metal for 3 days (some say 2-3 weeks!), so wipe down ALL surfaces (bread bags, produce bags, glass jars, plastic containers, countertops, tabletops, sinks, etc,) or transfer foods carefully into clean containers at home, throwing away the original bag/container from the grocery store, then put the plastic grocery bags AND your cloth grocery shopping bags out of the house to sit somewhere untouched for at least 3 days. Then wipe down all countertops/tabletops/surfaces that the grocery bags touched.
*In place of disinfectant wipes, you can put on dish gloves and use a rag soaked with bleach water (1/3 cup bleach in 1 gallon water). I’ve been wearing gloves in the grocery store, then taking one glove off to open the car door handle, putting the bags in the car with my gloved hand, setting the tainted gloves on the floorboards while I drive home, opening the car door from the inside with a clean hand, but then putting the gloves on again before bringing groceries into the house, sanitizing the groceries, and promptly getting the grocery bags outside to sit for 3 days.

11. When you have packages delivered, leave them to air outside for a day (or two days whenever possible). If you need to bring them inside, consider wearing gloves and putting them in your garage or another space that you won’t need to use like an entryway closet. If you have to open a package as soon as it arrives, try to wear gloves to handle the package.

12. Don’t wear the same clothes all day long if you have left your home. When you come home from being out or at work or shopping, put your clothes in a “tainted clothing area” away from other clothes (or better, hang them out in the sun!), and change into clean clothes.

13. It’s best to also shower and wash your hair directly after arrival home, as this virus clings to clothing and hair.

14. When masks are available, you have the option to use them when entering crowded public places like on planes and in airports, which will somewhat reduce your chances of exposure.

A Word On Anti-Viral Practices

I know this is tedious and time-consuming, but please use it as a mindfulness practice, or a walking meditation.
You can think of how lucky you are to actually have this information early on, and how worth this extra time/care your precious life is…and the lives of others…
When you don’t get exposed, you aren’t going to unconsciously spread it to hundreds of other people, which is the reason for the exponential growth curve/rate of infection.


Public Restrooms
Airports/Public Transportation
Health Care Facilities
After caring for ill people/cuts/wounds
After diaper changes
After eating