Please try not to be afraid of food. I know it’s difficult these days, because so many commercially available foods aren’t what they say they are, like olive oils and honeys. And because prepared foods contain ingredients that are refined/de-natured, tainted with genetic modification, have chemical preservatives, dyes, pesticides, radiation, heavy metals, and antibiotics.

Feeling the emotion of fear on a regular basis is horrible for our health. Quantum physics shows us that the predominant emotions we feel either create health and happiness, or disease and suffering. This has been proven by scientists and spiritual teachers for decades.

Whenever you’re in a pinch and you have to eat less healthy than you’d prefer, you can do as my dear friend Karyn does, and say to yourself, “My mind is strong. My mind keeps my body healthy. Everything I eat turns to health and beauty”, and it will more likely be so! Quantum physics teaches us that we get what we expect.

If we can stay focused on the things we’re grateful for, feel joy in the present moment for the simple things, and keep bringing ourselves back to these good thoughts and feelings whenever we notice our minds slipping from them, we’ll be much happier and healthier.

For me, peace of mind comes from:
~ eating 80% of my diet as unrefined, plant-based, whole food
~ eating 60-70% of my plate as seasonal veggies and greens as often as possible
~ eating cultured vegetables and other probiotic-rich foods and drinks
~ drinking enough re-mineralized water daily between meals
~ having fun bicycling, walking, and dancing (or or horseback riding!) at least every other day
~ getting good sleep, close to when the sun sets, and rising close to when it rises
~ nurturing my relationships with lots of love, listening, honesty, and compassion
~ sitting in silence as often as possible, to return to my knowing that there’s never really any reason for fear, as long as I keep my mind focused on the gifts of the present moment

Just try to do your best with your diet and be happy with the rest, making small changes that are doable for you…changes that you can stick with over time.

I hope you get much hope and a lighthearted feeling from the idea that we’re evolving into beings who are capable of transcending the physical laws of nature, who can create anything we want simply by staying focused on it, and by feeling the feelings that come with what we want.

If you can remember to try to stay in gratitude and joy no matter what your experience seems, you are steering your experience toward more gratitude and joy.